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LIGHTS OUT Application


Are you someone who gets startled by their own shadow? Do you sleep with a nightlight? 

A major streaming network has the perfect show for you with a CASH PRIZE.

In this whacky world, contestants may find themselveS moving through the depths of an "abandoned" hotel or on the conveyer belts of a centuries old children's toy factory.

Whether they're navigating the winding hallways avoiding startling obstacles or stopping for a dark detour, the challenges in this silly world get spookier when the LIGHTS ARE OUT!



1. Please do not use INTERNET EXPLORER when filling out the online application. This browser is not compatible with our system and your information will not be saved. We recommend using GOOGLE CHROME or FIREFOX.

2. When completing the online application, please do not use AUTO FILL or TAB through the questions. Due to the security measures we have put in place this will cause the system to think you are not a human and lock you out.

3. At the end of the online application process, you will be prompted to upload a few photos. Please have your photos saved to your desktop prior to starting the application process. We prefer if you provide us with at least 2-3 photos of yourself: One close-up, one full-body and one fun shot.  We prefer candid as opposed to professional ones. If you do not have photos readily available, or for some reason your photos do not upload properly you can also email them to your casting producer to be uploaded later. PLEASE NO FILTERS ON YOUR PHOTOS.

4. THE APPLICATION COULD TAKE UP TO 30 MINUTES TO COMPLETE. You must complete the application in one session as you can not regain access if you do not completed in full  during that time.



The following eligibility requirements must be met in order to proceed with the application process:

I.          You will be required to show proof of your country of citizenship and be able to enter the United States and not be prohibited from entering other countries.  

II.          You must be at least 18 years of age

III.         You must be in good physical and mental health. All applicants who believe they meet these criteria are welcome and encouraged to apply to be a participant.

IV.        You must not now be a candidate for public office and must agree not to become one until one year after initial exhibition of all episodes of the Program in which you appear, if selected as a participant.

V.         If selected for an interview or to move further along in the consideration process to become a Program participant, you will be required to complete additional application and eligibility forms which may include but will not be limited to a Background Questionnaire and authorizations to obtain background information from third parties, including but not limited to forms related to release of private medical information.

VI.        In the event you are selected to participate in the final round of interviews for potential participants, you will be required to sign a Participant Agreement and other acknowledgements, releases and documents as required by Producer in its sole judgment and governed under the law of the United States.  Additionally, you may be required to participate in physical and psychological examinations by medical and/or psychological professionals selected by and paid for by Producer.  Accordingly, and as noted above, it will be necessary for you to sign a form in connection with the release of your personal medical information to Producer the exhibiting networks and others Producer determines should have access to such information (in the United States, a "HIPAA" release).

VII.        You must be available for a period of up to two days for principal photography of the Program, currently anticipated to occur at the end of January, 2022 (or as otherwise scheduled by Producer) and have other availability for the final selection process.  

VIII.       Neither you nor any of your immediate family members or anyone living in your household may be or have been within the past two (2) years be employees, officers, directors or agents of any of the following:  (a) Matt Kunitz Productions, Kassting, Inc., SDS-RSI, LLC dba Reality Solutions & Investigations, Lions Gate Television, Inc., WarnerMedia Direct, LLC, Turner Entertainment Networks, Inc., Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., and Warner Media, LLC and/or any of their respective parents, affiliated and subsidiary companies, or exhibition affiliates (collectively, the "Producer Parties"); (b) any person or entity involved in the development, production, distribution or other exploitation of the Program or any variation thereof; (c) any sponsor of the Program or its advertising agency; or (d) any person or entity supplying services or prizes to the Program.  In addition, Producer reserves the right to render ineligible any person who it determines, in its sole discretion, is sufficiently connected with the production, administration, judging, or distribution of the Program such that his or her participation in the Program could create the appearance of impropriety.

IX.        These Eligibility Requirements are subject to change anytime in Producer's sole discretion and the Application Release set forth below shall apply to any actions of the Producer Parties or any of the released parties in connection with the Program and these Eligibility Requirements as changed or modified at any time