Everyone knows the foundation of any good reality show is in casting. Robyn cast the first reality show I ever worked on and I have never wanted to work with anyone else. As her track record shows, she is the foundation on which all successful reality is built!

Rob Mills
VP, Alternative Series and Specials

"Robyn Kass is one of the best reality casting directors in the business. Having cast a number of shows for me, I have always been impressed by her ability not only to support but also to add value to a creative vision via her casting strategy. She has cast all types of shows, which in turn require many different kinds of casts, and she has always come through, no matter what the casting challenge."

Ghen Maynard
Former Sr. Vice President of Alternative Prog

"There is nobody better in the reality casting business. Robyn and her team understand the balance between network needs, insane producers and budgets."

Eric Schotz
President/Executive Producer
LMNO Productions

"Robyn Kass is, without reservation, one of the best casting directors around for reality tv. She is insightful and she is tenacious. She 'gets it' and she delivers."

Howard Schultz
President/Executive Producer
Lighthearted Entertainment

"Robyn works her Kass off! She's a superstar and I'd be delighted to have her and her mighty team cast any project for Actual Reality!"

RJ Cutler
Actual Reality Pictures

"I cannot imagine casting any reality series without Robyn Kass and her colleagues. If there is a better casting director for un-scripted TV shows, I have not met that person. But I don't need to. When you've found the best, that's who you stick with. And Robyn's talent, hard work, and winning results speak for themselves. She IS the best."

Arnold Shapiro
Executive Producer
"Big Brother" CBS