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This groundbreaking television series will explore some of the greatest efforts on our planet to make good on humanity's promise to itself - to make the world a better place.

You will get to travel the world and work on 13 amazing philanthropic projects, building villages, wells, and schools. Fitting hearing aids on some of the neediest people in the world.

We are looking for young adults - 18 to 26 who need something more in their life. Those who are willing to throw all of their passion into one of the biggest philanthropic efforts ever filmed. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Only six people will be chosen.

Week to week, you will be creating robust charitable projects in every country the series visits, participating in an effort that will leave behind the resources, know how and understanding to create lasting, positive change. From solving dirty local water in India, broken housing in Haiti or building a school system in Senegal, the missions you will go on will not only have immediate positive impacts on the under served communities, but they will also serve as blueprints for others to model.

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